Project Proposal

For my project, what I would like to do is, set up a web page for a product marketed by my family. I already have a page setup at: http://members.tripod.com/~BEESTINGS/index.html . This page is all right but I realize since taking this class that it can be better. No pun intended! I would like to capture the bee that is on the page and at very least set it wings in motion. On top of setting the wings in motion I would also like the bee to do loops and then set still. Other little details would be worked on as well such as making the page fit the screen so that scrolling is not necessary in order to view the entire page when it first appears on the screen. The last part of the problems I want to work on is getting the page to come up more often when a search is performed on "stings", "bees", "beestings", or "bee stings".

The audience as I know it is people who have had contact with bee stings. These people could be the one stung or they could be caring loved ones of the stung that wants to help ease the discomfort of the next bee sting. Persons allergic to stings are often the norm. In some cases the audience is doctors and researchers interested in beestings as a cure for some diseases. So far I have had customers from South America, Canada, and all over the United States.

The tools I will use for this project will be the gif construction, for the animation of the bee. As for the exact methods and steps that will be taken I am a little unsure of these at this time.

The look of the original page, that is in operation now, will be preserved. White background with black print. Linked pages will take on a different layout and color scheme that will help to contrast the print for ease of reading. The linked pages will be testimonial from satisfied users and professionals from the medical world. Navigation of the site will be a slight vertical scrolling of the main page with hot links available to be clicked on to take the viewer to subsequent pages of testimonials and other uses that have been found out by users of the product.

The site map will flow like this. Venom Cleansers Main page, this page will have multiple links available to the viewer. One link will tell the history behind the formula, and the other link will take the viewer to the testimonial pages. The testimonials will also be able to be accessed form the formula history page and the formula history page will be able to be accessed from the testimonials. Both of these pages will also contain a link to return to the main Venom Cleanser page.

Below is the .gif of which was captured from www.tripod.com that I would like to animate.