The final project I chose to do is a Pov-Ray recreation of , The Veggie Tales
     Christmas CD cover, A Very Veggie Christmas. After having been shown
     the Pov-Ray  and smil tools in class I knew that I wanted to do a combination
     project using them both.  The reproduction of the cover was very time consuming and
     difficult with a 18 month old baby girl constantly wanting to get a closer look
     at the veggies as they started to appear.  The first hurdle I had was to get the
     Larry pickle to look like a pickle.  By using the scale attribute on a sphere, I
     was able to get the shape and the bump attribute worked well, to create the pickle
     type skin.  The sky and the snow are both planes and the stars are reflections of
     the lighting used.  Multiple light sources were necessary because of the shapes
     of the veggies causing dark shadowing down their own sides.  The snow drift was
     particularly difficult, it was finally produced using the blob of two spheres and
     scaling each sphere and then scaling the entire blob.  The addition of yet another
     light source was necessary in order to cover up the shadows appearing in the sky.
     By carefully placing this light source, the shadows took on the illusion of 
     disappearing.  I had confident plans on building the girl carrot's hair out of 
     intersection command using spheres as well, but I ran out of air speed and had to
     proceed with building the smil presentation to go along with all of this.  The
     Pov-Ray tutorial's on intersections just happens to be perfect for the creation of 
     these golden braids of hair and the Tori would have been used to make the hair bands
     in the braid.  The rest of my project was to put together six of the scenes of the 
     veggies as they were built with a sound track of the veggies wishing everyone a
     Merry Christmas in a smile presentation using a .rm, .rp and .rt files, fade-ins,
     fade-outs, cross-fades, and wipes.  The Gimp was used in order to change the
     vegitales.bmp created in Pov-Ray into .jpg's.  My smil file seems to have a small 
     problem and I may not be able to get it working before class, so I am including below
     the links to the rest of my presentation.
Final Project.smil