Personal Statement



     My academic goal is to practice Pro Bono Constitutional Family Law.  This would be made financially possible by applying my past professional experiences, as an Aviation Specialist and Computer Programmer / Software Specialist, to the legal areas of Aviation Defense Law and Internet Law, after I have finished law school and opened a legal practice of my own.

     After researching the Law Schools available to me in the South Eastern Indiana area I have chosen to live and raise my family, three have met my criteria.  These are the University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University (Salmon P. Chase College of law), and the Indiana University School of Law Indianapolis.

     The qualifications that I have that makes me a strong candidate for the law programs at these schools are wide ranging.  First, my Christian upbringing that causes me to see the importance of the need for strong Christian representation in our legal system.  Second, even though I was not raised in a family having a great deal of admiration for academics, I have managed to excel academically.  These academics have included Aviation Flight and Aviation Maintenance at Vincennes University that lead to the Federal Licensing that was required for me to have a 20 year career in aviation of which also included becoming a Federally Inspection Authorized Aircraft Mechanic.  Also, after nine years of night school, a General Studies Bachelor Degree and an Applied Computer Science Certificate were recently obtained May 5th of 2002 from Indiana University and Purdue University, respectively.  A final grade point average of 3.1 was achieved.

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